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It's one thing to get compliments from your girl friends, but when a guy you're on a date with comments on how 🔥  your eyebrows are, you know you're doing something right. TBH, I solely tweeze my brows and save the waxing for other parts of my bod 😉  I know tweezing sounds daunting, but once you get your brows where you want them, it's simple to maintain those beauts. Follow my lead:

  • Step one, growth: Let those brows reset & grow out a bit. Give it four to six weeks. This is the most painful part of the process (worse than the actual removal), but once you have more to work with, you'll be happy you waited. For my fellow unibrow gals - feel free to pluck those hunnies out while you wait.
  • Step two, supply: Get yourself some slanted tweezers. No need to spend more than, like, $5 on these. They just need to be sturdy and slanted. Get 'em at your local Duane Reade, CVS, etc.
  • Step three, shape: Map out your shape with any old eyeliner, lipliner, or other pencil you have lying around. 
    • The start of the brow: Place your index finger or a makeup pencil along the bridge of your nose and up toward your forehead; this is the line that shows where your brow should start.
    • The arch: The arch is largely what makes or breaks a good brow, and a good brow helps shape the entire face. It should build gradually from the start of the brow and not be too dramatic (unless that's what you're going for). Place your finger or pencil from the tip of the nose up through the middle of your eye, and where it lands on the brow is where the arch should culminate.
    • The end of the brow: Place your index finger/pencil up from the outside edge of your nose toward your temple, and that's where the brow should end.
  • Step four, tweeze!: Tweeze the hairs both below and above the brow shape you've mapped out. Pro tip: shine your phone's flashlight on your brows so you can see those lil stubborn hairs not otherwise visible to the naked eye. And despite what we thought in the 90's, thin brows are not flattering, so be careful not to take too much off! The start of the brow should be the widest part hair-wise, and it should thin out as you get to the end.

Now for the fun part:

  • Step four, get your makeup: Get u a brow pencil that's just a lil darker than your natural color, not too dark tho. Also get yourself some illuminating powder to really highlight those BBs and make 'em pop. The illuminating powder can be used all over the face in places you want to highlight, so it's extra worth it.
    • Here are some of my fav products:
      • Milk Makeup Gel Brow ($18) - I like this one because it's simple and great quality. It has a brow brush on one end which is perfect for prepping, and the pencil on the other end is creamy and matches my brows perfectly. 
      • trèStiQue Brow Pencil ($25) - This one's also got two sides. The pencil itself is slanted, which makes for super easy brow filling (plus it's a twist out design so you don't need to worry about sharpening it). The other side is a gel, which is great for setting the brow and keeping it in place throughout the day. 
      • Glossier Boy Brow ($16) - Boy brow is perf for when you're in a rush and want to have full-looking, yet natural brows that stay in place all day in a matter of seconds.
      • BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector ($38) - This stuff is amazing if you're looking for a shimmery option for your brow and overall face highlighter. It brightens and glows!
      • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder ($46) - Most of these are more matte, which means it not only brightens, but also helps keep oily skin in check.


  • Step five, do your brows girl!: The key to making your brow makeup look natural is to not literally draw your brow on, but to fill in and even out the existing brow. When doing your brow makeup, make strokes that go upwards and outwards like the natural brow hair. The start of the brow should be less filled in than the rest of the brow, and as you make your way out, fill in the sparse hairs more and more until you reach the end.